Specialist Water

Are you tired of using tap water for your plants or household appliances, only to see them struggle or become damaged over time? Our specialist water range has got you covered! We offer a variety of options to meet all your hydration needs.

Distilled water is perfect for those who want pure H2O without any minerals or impurities. It’s great for sensitive equipment, like irons, steamers, and car batteries.

RO water, or reverse osmosis water, is another option that’s ultra-pure and great for those who want to get rid of any contaminants. This is a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts, too!

And finally, we have di ionised water, which takes purification to the next level by removing even more minerals and ions than RO water. This is a great option for those who want the absolute best for their plants and hydroponic systems.

So why settle for tap water when you can have top-quality hydration options at your fingertips? Try our specialist water range today!

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